5 Best Weighted Blankets for Anxiety of 2021

We all have days where we can’t seem to catch our breath or nights where sleep simply refuses to come. Worries and doubts are simply part of the human existence or so it seems. In reality, feelings of restlessness, worry, and doubt have a significant impact on your daily function and your quality of life.

If you experience anxiety on a daily basis, you may be looking for a solution to help you cope with your symptoms on a day-to-day basis. You need something to help calm you down when your brain is operating on overdrive. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, it might be time to consider a buying a weighted blanket, either for yourself or as a gift to someone else struggling with anxiety.

Best Overall for Anxiety: Quility


Price: $69.99

Size: 48″ X 72″

Material: 100% Cotton Blanket, 100% Polyester Duvet Cover

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Premium Pick: Hush


Price: $189.00

Size: 60″ X 80″

Material: Oeko-tex Certified Cotton Material W/Non-toxic Glass Sand

Buy $189.00 on Amazon


Budget Pick: ZonLi

bqmcEvihL AC SL

Price: $59.99

Size: 60″ X 80″

Material: Soft Material with Glass Beads

Buy $59.99 on Amazon



Runner Up: Harkla


Price: $109.99

Size: 55″ X 70″

Material:Plush Minky Duvet Cover: Extremely Soft, Fleece-like Premium Removable Cover.

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Runner Up:  Rocabi

SBhJqb iL AC

Price: $99.00

Size: 60″ X 80″

Material: 100% Cotton Removable Cover & Coton Inner Weight Quilt With Glass Beads

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Anxiety disorders are characterized by intense, excessive, and persistent feelings of worry and fear, typically about everyday situations. These feelings can come out of nowhere to bring you down, or they might be your constant companion, always hovering in the back of your mind.

If you experience anxiety, you’re not alone. In fact, anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness in the United States, affecting roughly 40 million adults each year.

Anxiety takes many forms, and it can come and go throughout the course of your day, or throughout your life. Though it may not be a life-threatening condition, it can certainly impact your quality of life, and it could prevent you from accomplishing or experiencing the things you want to. Treatment options are available, but they come with their own risks.

What is the Best Weighted Blanket for Anxiety?

  • Quility
  • Hush
  • ZonLi
  • Harkla
  • Rocabi

Key Components of a Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

If you’re shopping for a weighted blanket for anxiety, you don’t necessarily have to purchase one that is marketed that way. In fact, it may be better to choose your blanket based on the individual components. Here are some of the components to look for in a weighted blanket for anxiety:

  • Size: The size of the weighted blanket should be determined by the way you want to use it. If you’re simply using it to sit with on the couch, as small blanket may be sufficient to drape across your neck or shoulders. If you’re sleeping with the blanket, you may need to get one the size of your bed.
  • Weight: The ideal weight for a weighted blanket is usually 5% to 10% of your bodyweight. For relieving anxiety symptoms, it’s generally best to be closer to the 10% end of the spectrum. For children, the blanket should weigh 10% of the child’s body weight plus 1 to 2 pounds.
  • Filler: Weighted blankets can be filled with a variety of materials, both natural and synthetic. Glass beads are a popular option, as are plastic pellets. You can also find blankets filled with grains like millet or rice but avoid any made with lead.
  • Fiber: The materials from which the blanket is made are definitely worth considering. Natural fibers like cotton and linen work well for people with sensitive skin and if you’re concerned about being too warm. If you’re looking for a blanket that offers added warmth, thick or synthetic materials might work. There are also blankets made from very soft materials like chenille or fleece.

Now that you know a little more about weighted blankets and the different types and features, you are ready to start shopping. Best of luck!

Best Overall: Quility


Price: $69.99

Size: 48″ X 72″

Material: 100% Cotton Blanket, 100% Polyester Duvet Cover

Buy $69.99 on Amazon


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