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How to Store a Mattress

A new mattress is a significant investment. Not only do you spend hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars, but you have to account for the time it takes to research the different options and choose the mattress that’s right for you. When properly cared for, a high-quality mattress can last 8 …

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Woman Holds Lens, Shows There Are Bugs in Bedclothes

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

It only takes a few bed bugs to create a full-blown infestation and once they settle in, they can be difficult to eradicate. Getting a bed bug infestation under control takes time and repeated treatments, so it’s well worth the effort to take preventive measures to protect your home. As …

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Mosquito Trap Hanging in Lawn

The Best Indoor Fly Traps

Say Goodnight to Nighttime Pests: a buying guide to the best insect traps for a peaceful night’s sleep There’s nothing like settling into bed at the end of a long day, with clean sheets and a comfortable pillow… only to hear the sound of a fly buzzing around the room. …

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Big Shadow of Bed Bug on White Bed

What Attracts Bed Bugs?

What Attracts Them & What Keeps Them Away?  Bed bugs are notorious creatures with a knack for showing up uninvited and overstaying their welcome. Known for hiding in homes and hotels, these creepy crawlers have a reputation for being particularly pesky. Bed bug problems are hard to discover and even …

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